Tanvir* is disabled, suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. Having taken a large number of sick days, his employer reassigned him on medical grounds to another department for a trial period. During this time, Tanvir’s anxiety meant he lacked the confidence to make decisions and sought a lot of help from his co-workers, who complained that he was a nuisance. He was dismissed for lacking capability.

Tanvir sued his employer for unfair dismissal on the basis that his difficulties arose from his disability and that there had been no effort by his employer to address the problem. Tanvir’s case was listed for a massive eight day hearing, but his disability meant that he had very little chance of being able to represent himself effectively without help from a barrister.

Tanvir turned to Advocate for help and advice on how to deal with facing this huge ordeal alone. While the case was too big a commitment for an Advocate barrister to undertake, a volunteer stepped up and began settlement negotiations on Tanvir’s behalf. Providing advice both by letter and telephone, she secured a £15,000 settlement, putting an end to the terrifying prospect of more than a week in front of an employment tribunal.

Tanvir’s barrister said that:

“He would most likely have proceeded to a hearing, have been extremely unwell in the process and lost his case. As a result of my assistance, he has received compensation and saved himself from cross-examination.”