25 for 25: Pro Bono Challenge heroes!

We've had a wonderful response to the 25 for 25 Pro Bono Challenge, with a number of enthusiastic volunteers completing it in the first six months. The challenge finishes in the first week of June 2022 so please do take part if you can. Any pro bono counts - it doesn't have to be carried out through Advocate. Just fill in this form and submit it to receive your logo and our thanks!

Huge thanks to the following people that have already competed their 25 hours of pro bono:

Micaila Williams, Optimus Chambers

Jeremy Phillips QC, Francis Taylor Building

Camille Ibbotson, Old Square Chambers

Justin Bates, Landmark Chambers

Bianca Venkata, Outer Temple Chambers

Claire Thompson, Enterprise Chambers

Frederick Wilmot-Smith, Brick Court Chambers

Harriet Brown, Old Square Tax Chambers

Helena Ifeka, Cloisters

Emma Sutton, Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Arianna Kelly, 39 Essex Chambers

Dermot Woolgar, Crown Office Chambers

Sarah Blackmore, Spire Barristers

James Robottom, Matrix Chambers

Rosie Scott, 39 Essex Chambers

Charlotte Mallin-Martin, Guildhall Chambers

Cathy Mitchell, Sole Practitioner

Matthew MacLachlan, Shoosmiths LLP

Rebecca Jacobs, 7 King's Bench Walk

Rumen Cholakov, 3 Verulam Buildings

Sarah Pinder, Goldsmith Chambers

Charmaine Clubb, 42 Bedford Row

Anton van Dellen, Fraser Chambers

Clare Reffin, One Essex Court

Amanda Clarke, Westgate Chambers

Rupert Cohen, Landmark Chambers

Joshua Griffin, Gatehouse Chambers

Mariya Peykova, 3 Paper Buildings

Rhys Taylor, 30 Park Place

Alyssa Stansbury, One Essex Court

Daniel Fox, Essex Court Chambers

Jennifer Lanigan, 4 King's Bench Walk

Cameron Stocks, Gatehouse Chambers

Elizabeth Walsh, 4 Stone Buildings

Elisabeth Traugott, Goldsmith Chambers

Ramby de Mello, No5 Chambers

Stephanie Coker, Stour Chambers

Juliet Stevens, Crown Office Chambers

Farhana Begum, FFRAP

Elisabeth Andrews, 1GC Family Law

Shárin Diegan, Goldsmith Chambers

Dean Hulse, Hulse Yazdi Limited

Emma Dixon, Blackstone Chambers

James Partridge, 2 Temple Gardens

Jodie Cudworth, Westgate Chambers

Jack Castle, Henderson Chambers

Alexandra Sidossis, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Rory Brown, 9 Stone Buildings

Harriet Wakeman, Temple Garden Chambers

Beyzade Beyzade, Chancery Lane Law

Fiona Hay, Harcourt Chambers

Simon Myerson QC, St Pauls Chambers

Nicola Fox, 1 King's Bench Walk

Sarah Lucy Cooper, Thomas More Chambers

Yasmeen Ul Haq, Lamb Building

Matthew Morrison, Serle Court

Christopher Sharp QC, St John's Chambers

Maria Scotland, 5 St Andrew's Hill

Edward Lamb, 9 Gough Chambers

James Potts QC, Erskine Chambers

Ben Collins QC, Old Square Chambers

Zoë Saunders, St John's Chambers

Paul Hopkins QC, 9 Park Place

Adam Heppinstall QC, Henderson Chambers

Julie Okine, Goldsmith Chambers

Balahl Khan, Clerksroom Barristers & Mediators

Andrew McLeod, One Essex Court

Dorothea Gartland, 4 Paper Buildings

Naomi Parsons, Red Lion Chambers

Katya Hosking, Devereux Chambers

Lara Izzard-Hobbs, The 36 Group

Aidan Briggs, New Square Chambers

Liz Shaw, Spire Barristers

Catherine Urquhart, 42 Bedford Row

Max Schofield, 3 Paper Buildings

Claire Athis Schofield, Deans Court Chambers

Lara Kuehl, Selborne Chambers

Anna Dannreuther, Field Court Chambers

Hugh Cumber, 5 Stone Buildings

David Carey, Clerksroom

Dan Bunting, 2 Dr Johnson's Buildings

Neil Davy, Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Maryam Ahmad, New Park Court Chambers

Annie Fendrich, 6 King's Bench Walk College Hill

Guy Vassall-Adams QC, Matrix Chambers

Henk Soede, 1 Chancery Lane

Holly Symonds, 5 Pump Court

Christopher Rowe, Broadway House Chambers

Maureen Ngozi Obi-Ezekpazu, Family Matters

Dale Timson, 5 Pump Court

Eleanor Campbell, One Essex Court

Annahita Moradi-Balf, One Pump Court

Adele Akers, Drystone Chambers

Anna Hoffmann, 4 Pump Court

Maxim Cardew, Maitland Chambers

Charlotte Crocombe, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Helen Morton, Essex Court Chambers

Samuel Cuthbert, 12 King's Bench Walk

Julian Sidoli, Pendragon Chambers

Giorgia Sessi, Parklane Plowden Chambers

Neil Dowers, 4 Pump Court

Matthew Wyard, 3 Paper Buildings

Colm Lyons, Normanton Chambers

William Moody, Henderson Chambers

Paul Keleher QC, 25 Bedford Row

Veena Srirangam, One Essex Court Chambers

Will Young, Outer Temple Chambers

Haydee Dijkstal, 33 Bedford Row 

Clementine Dowley, Payne Hicks Beach LLP

David Lawson, Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Zeenat Islam, One Pump Court

Gwynfor Evans, The 36 Group

James Laughland, Temple Garden Chambers

Yasin Patel, Church Court Chambers

Andrea Watts, 1 King's Bench Walk

Molly Mifsud, College Chambers

Ryan Ross, Farrar's Building

Islam Khan, Church Court Chambers

Adam Kayani, Harcourt Chambers

Edlyn Livesey, Maitland Chambers

Andris Rudzitis, Brick Court Chambers

John Fox, Lamb Building

Malvika Jaganmohan, St Ives Chambers

Courtney Grafton, Twenty Essex

Eleanor Leydon, 39 Essex Chambers

Rose Harvey-Sullivan, 7 Bedford Row

Thomas Johnson, Edwin Coe LLP

James Partridge, 2 Temple Gardens

Daniel Grütters, One Pump Court

Michael Phillis, Enterprise Chambers

Jim Sturman QC, 2 Bedford Row

Joanne Porter, 4 Paper Buildings

Joanne Brown, 4 Paper Buildings

Andrew Westwood QC, Maitland Chambers

Malcolm Birdling, Brick Court Chambers

Alex Potts QC, Conyers

Jemima Stratford QC, Brick Court Chambers

Alicia Tew, Hailsham Chambers

Dilpreet K Dhanoa, Field Court Tax Chambers

Marco Neves da Silva, European Investment Bank

Katharine Elliot, Landmark Chambers

Alex Peplow, XXIV Old Buildings

Victoria Wakefield QC, Brick Court Chambers

Katrina Mather, Gatehouse Chambers

Rachanda Shafei, 33 Bedford Row

Jonathan Titmuss, Gatehouse Chambers

George Molyneaux, Blackstone Chambers

Stuart Roberts, Parklane Plowden

Colm Nugent, Gatehouse Chambers

Michael Kotrly, One Essex Court Chambers

Margaret Pennycook, City Chambers

Jake Rudman, Clerksroom and Hatton Chambers

Kevin Leigh, 33 Bedford Row

Margo Munro Kerr, One Pump Court

Antonia Benfield, Doughty Street Chambers

Jonathan Holsgrove, Park Square Barristers

Joseph Bryan, Littleton Chambers

Patrick Boch, Old Square Tax Chambers

Andrew Holden, XXIV Old Buildings

Alex Grigg, Garden Court Chambers

Ross Beaton, 7 Bedford Row

Clíodhna Kelleher, Monckton Chambers

Mukhtiar Singh, Doughty Street Chambers

Thomas Shortland, Cohen & Gresser

Imogen Sadler, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Alice Kuzmenko, 1 Crown Office Row

Freya Foster, Henderson Chambers

Catherine Piercy, Gatehouse Chambers

Femi Adekoya, Blackstone Chambers

Benjamin Gray, Littleton Chambers

Emma Horner, 4 Stone Buildings

Thomas Croxford QC, Blackstone Chambers

Hollie Higgins, Blackstone Chambers

Kate Gallafent QC, Blackstone Chambers

Naina Patel, Blackstone Chambers

Tom Mountford, Blackstone Chambers

Emmeline Plews, Blackstone Chambers

Marlena Valles, Blackstone Chambers

Daniel Cashman, Blackstone Chambers

Imogen Egan, Outer Temple Chambers

James Potts, 3 Verulam Buildings

Philip Hinks, 3 Verulam Buildings

Jane Davies Evans, 3 Verulam Buildings

James Counsell QC, Outer Temple Chambers

Alex Pritchard-Jones, St Ives Chambers

Navid Pourghazi, Blackstone Chambers

Paul Stephen Strelitz, Gatehouse Chambers

Sahana Jayakumar, Crown Office Chambers

Oliver Hyams, Gatehouse Chambers