Bar Pro Bono Awards 2021: Nominees

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Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year (sponsored by Place Campbell)

Aaqib Javed - Spire Barristers

Adam Kayani - Harcourt Chambers

Ben Norton - Henderson Chambers

Charmaine Clubb - 42 Bedford Row

Christopher Rowe - Broadway House Barristers

Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas - 12 King's Bench Walk

Daniel Grutters - One Pump Court

Elisabeth Andrews - 1GC

Kate Temple-Mabe - 7 Bedford Row

Louise Verroken-Jones - 1GC

Mary-Rachel McCabe - Doughty Street

Rebecca Sheldon - 15 Old Square

Rose Harvey-Sullivan - 7 Bedford Row

Tadhgh Barwell O'Connor - 1 King's Bench Walk

Junior Pro Bono Barrister of the Year (sponsored by Westgate Wealth Management)

Amelia Walker - 1 Crown Office Row

Dr Charlotte Proudman - Goldsmith Chambers

Christina Warner - Goldsmith Chambers

Grianne Mellon - Garden Court

Julia Needham - Goldsmith Chambers

Marcus Grant - Temple Garden Chambers

Martina Murphy and Andrew Watson - 12 King's Bench Walk

Nathan Rasiah - 23 Essex Street Chambers

Rhys Taylor - The 36 Group

Samina Iqbal - Goldsmith Chambers

Sarah Abram - Brick Court

Sarah Pinder - Goldsmith Chambers

Sharin Diegan - Goldsmith Chambers

Pro Bono QC of the Year

Anthony Metzer QC - Goldsmith Chambers

Gavin Mansfield QC - Littleton Chambers

James Ramsden QC - Astraea Group

International Pro Bono Barrister of the Year

Rhys Davies - Temple Garden Chambers and Ben Keith - 5 St Andrew's Hill (as a team)

Pro Bono Chambers' Professional of the Year (sponsored by the LPMA)

Leigh Royall - Spire Barristers

Tiffany Daniels - 1GC

Patrick Sarson - Gatehouse Chambers

Pro Bono Chambers of the Year

12 King's Bench Walk


Garden Court Chambers

Goldsmith Chambers

Pro Bono Innovation of the Year


John Collins Pro Bono Excellence Award (in partnership with the North-Eastern Circuit)

Amritpal Bachu - 1MCB

Justin Bates - Landmark Chambers

Maureen Obi-Ezekpazu - Family Matters

Sarah Blackmore - Spire Barristers

Wendy Frempong - 12 Old Square Chambers