David, a victim of domestic abuse, was fighting for the right to see his four-year-old son, who was in social care. At the time of his first contact with Advocate, David was living in emergency accommodation, having been controlled emotionally and financially by his ex-wife. As a result of his domestic situation, he was suffering from depression and anxiety and described himself as “scared for his life”.

David’s MP referred him to Advocate. We matched David with a volunteer barrister who represented him in court and ensured that David would be the child’s primary carer, and that the child would have defined contact with his mother. David and his ex-partner agreed to mediation in the case of further conflict over childcare.

The child returned from care to live with his father in the family home and now has a more structured and stable home life. The whole family can now enjoy a calmer family dynamic and a more certain future. David said:

“I find it hard to stand up for myself. If Advocate had not provided me with a barrister I don’t know what I would have done. The barrister was absolutely marvellous and helped tremendously in court.”

Vital funds meant that Advocate could find representation to help David, struggling with mental health issues, to provide a life for his child that he never imagined was possible.