The courts and tribunals process can be extremely stressful for litigants in person, and this difficulty becomes more complex for those experiencing stress-related health issues. The timely assistance of an excellent barrister can come as a welcome relief.

Sophie was continuously bullied, threatened, abused and humiliated by her boss and eventually diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and fainting spells caused by stress. She was forced to resign and take out a cease and desist order against employees at the company who were harassing her. Against the judge’s order at the tribunal, Sophie’s former employer put out a costs order for Sophie to pay. This was when she reached out to Advocate.

Due to the volume of cases that come through our doors, we are sometimes unable to allocate cases that have been accepted by our reviewers. Fortunately, Elliot Gold of Serjeants’ Inn Chambers was able to step forward at the last minute and provide assistance.

Though the whole legal process was severely distressing for Sophie, Elliot’s assistance proved invaluable to her. Elliot was able to challenge the costs order, saving Sophie an immense amount of stress. The applicant subsequently wrote to Advocate, saying:

“I truly feel that this is a great victory for me, particularly as I suffered with significant mental health issues while defending myself against a battalion of 8. Elliot Gold was absolutely brilliant in his handling of the situation.

I cannot believe my luck (irony!) in all honesty. Win or lose, to have your assistance during this time has (quite literally at times) been a lifesaver, which is worth so much more. I just couldn't have coped on my own.”

Thanks to our supporters, Advocate continues to be able to bridge the gap between the legal profession and the public. To inspire and facilitate pro bono work by barristers, and enable those like Sophie who need help, to contact those who can provide it.