Joseph’s case shows us how Advocate’s work can produce a fairer result and reduce uncertainty and anxiety over an applicant’s future.

A survivor of torture in Ethiopia, Joseph was assaulted when protecting his friend from a mugging. He suffered from serious physical and psychiatric injuries, which left him unable to work and struggling with day-to-day life. He was offered a total of £2,600 in compensation.

Joseph’s case was matched with two barristers to assist him in his fight for fair compensation. They helped him with his case for four long years, on a pro bono basis. Their committed support meant he was finally awarded over £300,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority – enough to make an incredible difference to his life and drastically reducing anxiety and uncertainty about his future. Joseph said:

“I appreciate everything you do for me. Beyond legal advice, the care as a human being. And working tirelessly to ensure that I was given a fair decision.

It was a long and upsetting process and I couldn’t have ever thought anyone would stay by my side for this long but you did stand by my side without giving up on me."

Donating to Advocate means that we can help vulnerable people access the legal help that can seem so impossible to find. The system can feel overwhelming to understand and navigate without guidance but we can make sure that people like Joseph connect with experts who can make a real change to his life.