Almost a whole year had passed since Kwame last had contact with his very young daughter. Communication between him and the mother of his child had broken down, resulting in Kwame not being able to see or speak to her.

Kwame had attempted mediation with his ex-partner but she failed to engage, leaving him worried that he would not get to see his daughter again until she was an adult. Kwame felt powerless as his child's mother had full legal representation and was challenging his ability to spend time with his child until the matter could be decided in court. This, coupled with the fact that allegations of domestic abuse had been made against him, left Kwame feeling vulnerable and anxious about the future.  

After calling more than 15 different family solicitors and trying unsuccessfully to apply for legal aid, Kwame was at his lowest ebb when he reached out to Advocate. We matched him barrister Sam Watts from Coram Chambers, who not only helped him with advice and drafting in his case, but also agreed to represent him at his court hearing.

The CAFCASS report supported the court’s decision that a fact-finding hearing on the claims of domestic abuse wasn't necessary. This helped Sam present Kwame's case that the child should be allowed to spend time with her father.

After significant negotiations between the parties outside court and with Sam to represent him, they were able to reach a mutually agreed arrangement and Kwame went from fearing that he wouldn't see his child again for many years, to having regular weekly contact sessions with a view to increasing to overnight stays over a period of time.

Kwame said:

"The service I received from Mr Watts was simply outstanding. I would also like to commend Mr Watts for being very understanding and sensitive to my racial/ cultural experiences which greatly helped communications. I do believe it is in the best interests of the child to have two parents in their life as well as their siblings/wider family. This outcome was a tremendous relief."

Sam Watts said:

“Kwame should be commended for his constant focus on what would be in his daughter’s best interests. He was determined for her to grow up with both parents playing an active role in her life. He was very grateful for my assistance within and outside court and now has the opportunity to re-build a relationship with his daughter.”