Legal help can be a lifeline for desperate litigants in person. Two of our elderly applicants facing bankruptcy and homelessness were able to remain in the home they had shared together for decades thanks to Advocate’s work.

Peter and Susan, a married couple, are pensioners who were facing homelessness, bankruptcy and financial destitution. A costs decision had previously been made against them in a trial that had been conducted with serious procedural breaches. With no savings or financial means to secure an effective defence, Peter and Susan were facing the daunting prospect of representing themselves in court without any legal knowledge or experience.

Fortunately, they were referred to Advocate by their local Citizens Advice. Advocate secured a volunteer barrister to represent Peter and Susan and together, they were granted permission to appeal. This was a huge step forwards for the couple, for whom the imminent loss of their home was no longer an alarming reality. Peter and Susan expressed their gratitude to both the volunteer barrister and Advocate:

“We are certain that this success was because of the fantastic assistance that the barrister provided. We would like to thank Advocate for this valuable help.

We feel sure that the charitable support you provide must have been a life-saver for many a drowning litigant in person! We certainly feel very grateful for all the assistance you have given us.”

The work of the volunteer barrister and Advocate provided Peter and Susan with a voice to appeal a decision that would have cost them their home and their independence, and offered them access to justice that they otherwise would not have had.