ProfileJames Keeley is no stranger to running marathons. In fact, the 2020 London Marathon will be his 10th! A keen runner and an avid supporter of all things pro bono, he works hard to support the next generation of advocates and is passionate about improving equality, diversity and social mobility at the Bar. He firmly believes that the law should be for all and wants to ensure that even the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society can get the access to justice they deserve and this is why he's running for Advocate. James wants to help us give a voice to the voiceless by providing crucial advice, drafting and representation to those who cannot afford to pay for it themselves. Support James in this incredible challenge by donating to his fundraising page here.


Taking on the London Marathon jointly for Advocate and FRU is Charles Hale QC of 4 Paper Buildings. Charles has been committed to supporting Advocate to achieve access to justice for all for a long time and has both raised funds and taken on cases, finding both to be rewarding experiences. He hopes to raise Advocate’s profile by taking on London’s most famous race. You can show your support for Charles and Advocate by donating to his fundraising page here.

When asked why he was running, he said:

“Ask any person who goes to court dealing with one of the most stressful experiences of their lives and ask them what they want – they all say, help! Advocate and the amazing barristers who give their time for nothing more than a desire to give that help need  our support more than ever.”


Also running to support both FRU and Advocate is Sam Taverner for Merkle. 

Thank you so much everyone and GOOD LUCK!!