Introducing Daria Gleyze: Employed Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 2018 and part-time pro bono champion


Daria Gleyze, now a tenant at Three Stone, used her days off from the Law Commission to take on pro bono cases through Advocate, and couldn’t be more deserving of the title of Employed Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 2018. In 2018, Daria took on six pro bono cases alongside her job at the Law Commission, exemplifying her dedication to helping the most vulnerable in society in any way she can. As a pro bono ambassador, Daria seeks to encourage her colleagues to undertake pro bono cases on their free ‘volunteering days’, championing Advocate’s message throughout the multifaceted civil service.

“Ms Gleyze is an excellent representative of the Law” – Pro Bono Client

Having represented clients in wide-ranging areas of law – from commercial to property to insolvency disputes – Daria’s achievements in the pro bono sector have been manifold. The insurance now provided via the BMIF for employed barristers was not in place previously, meaning she often had to negotiate private insurance at a personal cost to provide her services to those that cannot afford legal representation. Daria helped to make the case for insurance for employed barristers, which is now in place via the BMIF, meaning others will also be able to take pro bono cases on alongside their day jobs.

“With good time management, it can be done without sacrificing too much of my personal life”

It is hard to believe that Daria’s commitment to pro bono could go any further, but her recent receipt of a career development grant from Middle Temple says otherwise. This grant has enabled her to undertake public access training, serving to refine her own skills and to provide a better service to those coming to her without a solicitor. With her clients ranging from those with mental disabilities, to people who cannot speak English, to small business owners, Daria has gone above-and-beyond to keep her skills up to date and provide the best service possible to the most vulnerable in society.

The winner of Employed Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 2019 will be presented with their award at the Bar Pro Bono Awards on Wednesday 6th November in Pro Bono Week 2019. Nominations in the awards, headline sponsored by Lexis Nexis are now open: Enter here!