Janet’s story demonstrates how our volunteer barristers’ continuing help can change people’s lives when they are fighting for justice on multiple fronts.

Navigating the legal system alone and without expertise can worsen the difficulties that litigants in person face in their search for justice. Cases sometimes do not have successful outcomes first time, but this does not mean justice cannot prevail.

It is here that the work of the volunteer barristers really makes a difference. Janet incurred arrears on her mortgage following several family bereavements, which lead her bank to undertake repossession of her home. Various legal battles ensued and two years later, the bank informed Janet of a shortfall of £66,949, which she disputed but unfortunately lost on appeal.

At this point she began to suffer from an auto-immune condition, which worsened as she brought further proceedings against the bank. The bank applied to strike out her claim against them as not strong enough and Advocate was contacted to find a barrister to help Janet argue against it so she could continue the fight to recover her money. Janet wrote to Advocate to show her appreciation:

“We are often wrong about the strength of our individual cases. But sometimes, just sometimes, we are little bit right.

And tough talking from one of your professionals is enough to give us the "reality check" we need and put us on the path of what can be achievable…
Thank you for existing and thank you for assisting.”

Your support enables Advocate to continue to be able to bridge the gap between the legal profession and the public. To inspire and facilitate pro bono work by barristers, and enable those like Janet who need help, to contact those who can provide it.