Wall of Happiness

Here are recent comments from applicants and volunteers that keep us motivated everyday.

"I have attended my final hearing with your volunteer barrister and the outcome was really good as I can bring my son home by November 2015 for an overnight stay.  I just want to thank you and your organisation for helping me along this journey when I needed it the most and also getting a volunteer to represent me.  Thank you."


"Both parties were presented pro bono. The judge commented that as a result more progress was made in one day than in the previous four years."


"Dear Amy,

We thank you ever so much for all your hard work that you have put in—in order to find us a barrister, who was kind enough to travel all the way to Birmingham in order to attend our hearing.  Thank you most sincerely for all your efforts you put in—in order to find us a barrister.  To which we are very much indebted to you for this."


"I am really happy to confirm that decisions have been received to appellants in Pakistan allowing both of our appeals.  I am extremely grateful for your continuous help. I am satisfied and thankful for the manner in which my really great barristers have, at Advocate's request, presented the case of my children. They really worked hard for me and I will remember your invaluable efforts in this regard forever."


"Just a quick personal heartfelt and warm thank you for all your kind support and efforts.  Without the kindness and time dedicated by good people like you and the Advocate team people in my position would never get a chance for fairness or justice, so be proud in that knowledge."


"We are delighted to hear from [x] sister and know that Advocate's volunteer succeeded in obtaining a Family Assistance Order and that contact can now begin to help [x] and his father [x] rebuild their relations.  I understand the barrister was great and the family offer their thanks and appreciation, and it is felt without the volunteer barrister’s help, with our and your support this could not have been achieved. The family offer their sincere thanks."


"Thank you so much for your email; I cannot express how grateful I am to Advocate for their decision and also for agreeing to help with my case.  Suffice to say, for me, it is akin to being cornered on the playground by the school bully and having an older brother (metaphorically speaking of course) arrive to stand by you."