Sanath was a victim of theft who tried repeatedly through every method he could think of to recover the money that was stolen from him. Eventually he went to court with the help of a volunteer barrister.

A refugee working a minimum wage job in a petrol station, Sanath carefully put into the bank his £10,000 compensation payment for an accident at work. Over the next month a fraudster, who Sanath suspected might be one of his colleagues, used his card to withdraw the money, leaving him with almost none. When Sanath told the bank, they refused to reimburse him. When he took his complaint to the police, they not only didn’t believe him, they brought a criminal prosecution against him for bringing a false claim.

An expert witness gave evidence explaining how the card fraud might have taken place, but the financial ombudsman that Sanath appealed to was unmoved and refused to make an award.

Advocate found a barrister for Sanath who had exhausted all the complaint and appeal procedures he could think of, forcing him to take his case to court. Sanath’s barrister said:

“The District Judge believed the applicant and awarded him a complete refund, with interest and his fixed costs. Sanath was very happy, the money for him was enormous, he had lived with this problem since 2012 and it had caused him a lot of stress and anxiety.

I’m sure that the vindication of being believed will help with this. He is now a UK citizen, training to be an accountant and financially stable.”

Sanath had done all the right things to try and recover his money but had hit a wall time after time. Having help from an Advocate barrister familiar with the system and able to argue his case expertly before a judge meant Sanath finally achieved the justice he’d been fighting years for.