25 for 25: the Pro Bono Challenge

To celebrate our 25th anniversary year, and as we look to develop access to justice for the next 25 years, we invited you to take part in 25 for 25: The Pro Bono Challenge.

From Volunteers’ Week June 2021 to Volunteers’ Week June 2022, we encouraged you to
25 hours of pro bono for our 25th anniversary.

The time you give pro bono has an extraordinary impact on the lives of those who apply to Advocate for help. 

What a great way to support Advocate: 25 hours of pro bono work for 25 incredible years. Working pro bono is such an impactful way of helping others. You can deploy your expertise and skills to ensure individuals, who would not otherwise be able to afford it, are well advised and represented. And, at the same time, say happy birthday to Advocate!Emma Mockford, Young Pro Bono Barrister 2020 Award joint winner

This is a really excellent initiative. We’re all busy, but we can all find 25 hours in a year, and every one of those hours makes a big difference to someone. I’m planning to do it – I’d encourage everyone else to do so too!Ben Collins QC, Pro Bono QC of the Year 2020 Award winner

On completion of the 25 pro bono hours, barristers received the following logo for their email signature and individual Chambers' profiles. They will also get a named mention at the Bar Pro Bono Awards.

25 for 25 pro bono hours How it works

Barristers were invited to keep a record of their own hours by filling in this form on completion of their pro bono efforts.

A range of 25 hour pro bono activities were included, for example:

  • Taking on cases with Advocate
  • Taking on pro bono work through other schemes, such as ELAN, ELIPS, CLIPs or LCCC
  • Advising in law clinics
  • Volunteering on pro bono cases through law centres or with community groups
  • Mentoring on Advocate’s Collaborate scheme
  • Reviewing cases for Advocate

The 25 hours (or more!) of pro bono support each of our 340 barristers donated 
has had a remarkable impact on the lives of those who applied to Advocate for help. You really are #ProBonoHeroes. 

Thank you to all of the barristers who took part in the challenge.

Why am I supporting the 25 for 25? In 2021 we are all striving for a better, fairer and safer world. By being part of Advocate’s anniversary initiative we can all contribute to opening the door to access to justice - ensuring justice is not just a dream, but a reality.” Dr S Chelvan, Advocate Reviewer