Past Winners of the Bar Pro Bono Awards

Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 

2022 Winner: Annahita Moradi-Balf (One Pump Court Chambers)

2021 Winner: Daniel Grütters (One Pump Court Chambers)

2020 Winners: Catherine Jaquiss
(Goldsmith Chambers), Jennifer MacLeod and Emma Mockford (Brick Court Chambers)

2019 Winner: Jennifer MacLeod (Brick Court Chambers)

2018 Winner: Marianne Alton (Lincoln House Chambers & Evolve)

Junior Pro Bono Barrister of the Year

2022 Winner: Catherine Meredith
(Doughty Street Chambers)

Special mentions: Joanne Porter & Joanne Brown (4PB) & Abigail Bright (Doughty Street Chambers)

2021 Winner: Sarah Abram (Brick Court)

Special mentions: Samina Iqbal (Goldsmith Chambers) and Grainne Mellon (Garden Court Chambers)

2020 Winner: Zimran Samuel (Doughty Street Chambers)

2019 Winner: Shu Shin Luh (Garden Court Chambers)

Special mention: Sanaz Saifolahi (Goldsmith Chambers)

2018 Winner: Sarah Keogh (Old Square Chambers)

Pro Bono KC of the Year

2022 Winner:
Mark Harries KC (Serjeants' Inn)

Special mention: Sophie Cartwright KC (Deans Court Chambers)

2021 Winner: Anthony Metzer KC (Goldsmith Chambers)

2020 Winner: Ben Collins KC (Old Square Chambers)

2019 Winner: Anthony Metzer KC (Goldsmith Chambers)

2018 Winner: Deirdre Fottrell KC (1GC|Family Law) 

International Pro Bono Barrister of the Year

2022 Winner: Tatyana Eatwell (Doughty Street Chambers)

2021 Winner: Rhys Davies
(Temple Garden Chambers) and Ben Keith (5 St Andrew's Hill) 

2020 Winner: Sangeetha Iyengar (Goldsmith Chambers)

2019 Winner: Jennifer Robinson and Jelia Sane (Doughty Street Chambers)

2018 Winner: Kirsty Brimelow KC (Doughty Street Chambers and Bar Human Rights Committee)

Employed Pro Bono Barrister of the Year

2018 Winner: Daria Gleyze (Law Commission)

Pro Bono Chambers’ Professional of the Year

2022 Winner: Tom O’Connor (Serjeants’ Inn)

Special Mention: Jamie Tucker (12KBW)

2021 Winner: Leigh Royall (Spire Barristers) and Patrick Sarson (Gatehouse Chambers) 

2020 Winner: Nick Levett (Outer Temple Chambers)

2019 Winner: Peter Campbell (39 Essex Chambers) and Ben Connor (Landmark Chambers)

2018 Winner: Deborah Anderson (Practice Director, Gatehouse Chambers)

Pro Bono Initiative of the Year

2022 Winner: Ukraine Advice Project

2021 Winner: Leducate

2019 Winner: The Transparency Project's Legal Blogging Pilot

2018 Winner: Pro Bono Connect

Pro Bono Chambers of the Year

2022 Joint Winners: Gatehouse Chambers & Deans Court Chambers 

2021 Winner: 12 KBW

2020 Winner: Goldsmith Chambers

2019 Winner: Fenners Chambers

2018 Winner: Cloisters Chambers

Lifetime Achievement in Pro Bono, the Sydney Elland Goldsmith Award

2022 Winner: Francesca Quint
(Radcliffe Chambers)

2021 Winner: Anthony Speaight KC

2020 Winner: John Collins (deceased) (Park Square Barristers)

2019 Winner: Andrew Hillier KC

2018 Winner: Patrick O'Connor KC (Doughty Street Chambers) 

John Collins Pro Bono Excellence Award 
(In partnership with the North-Eastern Circuit)

2022 Winner: Joshua Griffin (Gatehouse Chambers)

Special Mention: Simon Rowbotham (7BR)

2021 Winner: Sarah Blackmore (Spire Barristers)

The Sir Henry Brooke Award

Winner: Sir Henry Brooke (posthumously)

2017: Tanya Murshed,1 MCB and Evolve

2016: John Collins, Zenith Chambers

2015: Joe Middleton, Doughty Street Chambers

2014: Monika Sobiecki, Pump Court Chambers

2013: Sarah Hannett, Matrix Chambers

2012: Alison Gurden, I Gray’s Inn Square

2011: Shereener Browne, Garden Court Chambers

2010: Maria Scotland, 7 Bedford Row

2009: Andrew Walker KC, Maitland Chambers

2008: Access to Justice in Afghanistan Project Team, Bar Human Rights Committee

2007: Guy Opperman MP, 3 Paper Buildings

2006: Michael Fordham KC, Blackstone Chambers

2005: The Rt Hon Keir Starmer KCB KC MP, Doughty Street Chambers

2004: Andrew Hall KC, Doughty Street Chambers

2003: John Horan, Cloisters

2002: Samantha Knights KC, Matrix Chambers

2001: Simon Michael, No 5 Chambers

2000: Daniel Leader and Philippa Page, (now Leigh Day and Goldsmith Chambers)

1999: Doughty Street Chambers

1998: Two Garden Court Chambers

1997: Judith Farbey KC, Doughty Street Chambers