Barristers' stories

Lucas Nacif's story

Lucas Nacif of Farore Law, who was shortlisted in the 2024 Bar Pro Bono Awards, reflects on his dedicated pro bono practice, encouraging other "baby" juniors to take the leap and volunteer. He also reflects on his experience of taking on pro bono work as an Employed Barrister. 

Robin Pickard - Young barrister story

Robin is a young barrister who undertook a remarkable 50+ hours of pro bono work in 2023. Below, Robin shares more about his experience taking on pro bono work in employment law, one of Advocate’s busiest areas requiring assistance, sharing the advice he would give to other pupils and young barristers looking to do the same.

Rajkiran Barhey and Lucy McCann - Working on a 'David and Goliath' planning law case as a team

Rajkiran and Lucy share how working on this case as a team allowed them to deepen their knowledge of planning and environmental law, reflecting on the rewards of working on pro bono cases such as this where there is a stark inequality of arms.

Pupil story - Adam Singh Hayer

Pupil barrister Adam Singh Hayer from Unit Chambers in Liverpool has shared with us about why he decided to take on the pupil pledge with Advocate, giving advice to other pupil barristers. 

New Term, New Commitment to Advocate?

As the beginning of the new legal term approaches, barrister Emma-Louise Fenelon reflects on her varied and exciting experiences of undertaking pro bono work, and why she encourages other barristers to take the leap and volunteer. 

Yasin Patel's Pro Bono Journey

Hear from Yasin Patel, one of our volunteer barristers who has completed an extraordinary 200 hours of pro bono work so far this year. Yasin shares with us about his fascinating pro bono journey, and how this inspired him to sign up to and exceed the Advocate Pro Bono Pledge.

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