Advocate's last working day of the year will be Friday 22 December 2023. We will reopen on Tuesday 2 January 2024. Please note that we typically require at least three weeks to process applications (excluding our closure over the holiday period), starting from the date that we receive all of the information we have asked for. We appreciate your patience in responding to you if you contact us in the run up to or during the period when our office is closed.


We exist because committed barristers across England and Wales
care about access to justice for everyone

We match members of the public who need free legal help with barristers who are willing to donate their time and expertise in deserving cases for those who are unable to obtain legal aid and cannot afford to pay.

Advocate is the Bar’s national pro bono charity that makes it possible for barristers to balance a dedicated practice with making a significant contribution to the community.


We really need your support

Advocate is an independent charity that relies on donations to meet all its running costs.

Get involved by donating, organising an event, or running for access to justice


Pro Bono Pledge - Can you pledge 25 hours of pro bono in 2023?

Without your pledge, people in real need will go without the help the law can bring. Pledge your pro bono hours today!

Our target to place 50 family cases in November 2023

We reached our target of placing 50 family cases by the end of November 2023 to meet the growing demand in requests for assistance in family law.

Information for Retiring Lawyers

Retired lawyers report that doing pro bono work or non-legal volunteering in retirement is a very rewarding way to spend their time and give back to their communities, while utilising their extensive legal skills. The National Pro Bono Centre with Advocate and LawWorks has put together practical information explaining how to do pro bono work in retirement, as well as ways to give your time.