We exist because committed barristers across England and Wales
care about access to justice for everyone

We match members of the public who need free legal help with barristers who are willing to donate their time and expertise in deserving cases for those who are unable to obtain legal aid and cannot afford to pay.

Advocate is the Bar’s national pro bono charity that makes it possible for barristers to balance a dedicated practice with making a significant contribution to the community.

“The judiciary recognises the critical contribution that the Bar makes to access to justice through its pro bono work. It is a huge credit to practitioners that they are willing to give up their time for free to help the most vulnerable members of society.”  

- The Lady Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Baroness Carr of Walton-on-the-Hill



We really need your support

Advocate is an independent charity that relies on donations to meet all its running costs.

Get involved by donating, organising an event, or running for access to justice

Book your tickets for the Bar Conference 2024

Advocate are delighted to be attending the Bar Conference this year. The conference will debate the big issues facing the justice sector and provide the chance to hear from those with the power to shape the future. 

2024 Bar Pro Bono Awards

Advocate were delighted to hold the 2024 Bar Pro Bono Awards ceremony on 8th May to celebrate this year's pro bono heroes.

New Pro Bono Guide for Pupils & Supervisors

As many pupils begin their second six this April, we are delighted to announce the publication of a new guide called ‘Pro Bono: A guide for Pupils and Supervisors’.