Gifts in Wills

Donating to Advocate as part of your will can be a special way to contribute towards the fight for access to justice for future generations.

There are three ways you can leave gifts in wills:

  • A share of your estate (Residuary Legacy) – after you have established what is going to family and friends, you can donate a share of what is left. Residuary Legacies are also inflation proof, so you will not have to update your will in the future.
  • A specific amount of money (Pecuniary Legacy) – you can also leave a specific sum to Advocate, and you can do this simply by listing the amount in your will.
  • A specific item – if you own an item that you think will be of value to Advocate’s work when sold, such as a rare vintage item or jewellery, you can also list this item in your will.