Applicant stories

Employee's disability led to unfair dismissal: Tony's story

Tony's job led to spinal problems and an operation, but when he asked for more reasonable adjustments, his employer dismissed him on the grounds of incapability despite 11 years of service.

Traumatised asylum seeker faced threat of deportation: Koffi's story

After fleeing torture and persecution in Ivory Coast, Koffi didn't understand why the Home Office refused to believe his story and threatened to send him back with his British partner and her child with special needs.

Business owner finds himself being robbed of IP rights: Philip's story

When a colleague agreed to help run Philip's gym business during a period of illness, he didn't expect her to try and steal the company's name and goodwill for herself. Advocate's barrister helped him to stop her.

Carers incorrectly accused of assault have registration restored

Mr and Mrs X were carers who were wrongly accused of assault. It then took them ten years and a court case under the Data Protection Act to clear their names and be allowed to re-register for work.

Company director accused of breaching duties: Simon's story

When his wife failed to pay their company bills, Simon was appalled to discover his company's money problems. Prevented by a court from accessing his business, he was sued for nearly £200,000 and had no idea what to do.

Whistle-blower sacked from job has claim struck out: Daniel’s story

Daniel had his whistle-blowing claim rejected by the employment tribunal when he appeared against three represented parties. Feeling he was not understood by the judge, a barrister helped him appeal and his case.

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