Applicant stories

Helping a full-time carer in a tax dispute: John’s Story

John, a full-time carer for his dad who has dementia, was struggling with a tax dispute with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for almost five years. With the assistance of Keith Gordon and Siobhan Duncan of Temple Tax Chambers, John was prevented from losing his home, and a significant pro bono costs order was secured. 

“I will continue to move on with my life and put this whole nightmare behind me”: Sharon’s story

When the police told Sharon she needed to accept a caution for criminal damage against her abusive ex-partner’s van, she was incredibly distressed and confused. Fortunately, with the pro bono support of barrister Cathy Mitchell, the charges were dropped, and Sharon has now been able to move on.

Forged signatures & false claims: Arash's Story

When Arash was wronged by his mortgage broker he became homeless and suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, barrister Charlotte was able to assist pro bono.

A case of mistaken identity: Gordon's Story

When Gordon, a 20-year-old student, received a letter from his local authority stating that he had passed away, he was highly alarmed and distressed. 

A disabled mother's fight to be heard: Molly's Story

In 2015, eight-year-old Joe was taken away from his disabled mother, Molly. After years of navigating a system that had been stacked against a neuro-diverse, single parent family with disabilities, Joe is now home with Molly.

Why one family fought to overturn a Coroner's verdict: Karl's story

When Emma Fraser fell from a window and the Coroner ruled it a drug-related death, her uncle and mother knew this wasn't true. So they fought to have the verdict overturned and restore dignity to the family name.

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