The Framework FAQs


Read The Framework FAQs here

You can find further information on:

  • The four key actions for Chambers
  • Resources for encouraging pro bono work in Chambers 
  • Benefits for Chambers by incorporating The Framework

Support available from Advocate

Advocate want to ensure that you are supported as you establish The Framework in Chambers.

Please get in touch to arrange the following recommended actions: 

  1. Arrange a meeting with your senior team and some members of the Advocate senior team to determine how we can best tailor our approach to your Chambers and ensure the best opportunities are coming your way. 
  2. Ensure that your Pro Bono Champions have met with the Advocate team. 
  3. Ensure the right people in Chambers are receiving email updates from Advocate. These include further resources and ideas on how to establish The Framework. 
  4. Ask for a personalised email you can send around Chambers to encourage volunteering.
  5. Ask for regular statistical updates of how much work your Chambers is undertaking with Advocate.  

We look forward to working with you!