Applicant stories

Carers incorrectly accused of assault have registration restored

Mr and Mrs X were carers who were wrongly accused of assault. It then took them ten years and a court case under the Data Protection Act to clear their names and be allowed to re-register for work.

Company director accused of breaching duties: Simon's story

When his wife failed to pay their company bills, Simon was appalled to discover his company's money problems. Prevented by a court from accessing his business, he was sued for nearly £200,000 and had no idea what to do.

Whistle-blower sacked from job has claim struck out: Daniel’s story

Daniel had his whistle-blowing claim rejected by the employment tribunal when he appeared against three represented parties. Feeling he was not understood by the judge, a barrister helped him appeal and his case.

Fighting for asylum as an Eritrean child refugee: Isaak's story

When Isaak arrived from Eritrea as an unaccompanied minor in the UK, he applied for asylum but the Home Office denied his application claiming that he was actually Ethiopian. A specialist barrister helped him persuade them otherwise. 

Single mother accused of fraud has student loan revoked: Ruby's story

Ruby, a single mother studying for a law degree in the hope of a better life, was falsely accused of fraud and had her funding withdrawn. It began a three-year long battle to clear her name and challenge the decision.

Pensioner removes illegal shed and is sued for £90,000: Rose's story

When Rose discovered that a developer had built an illegal shed in her garden, she contacted him to request its removal. When he didn't respond, she took it down and he retaliated in a very aggressive way.

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