Applicant stories

Fighting for asylum as an Eritrean child refugee: Isaak's story

When Isaak arrived from Eritrea as an unaccompanied minor in the UK, he applied for asylum but the Home Office denied his application claiming that he was actually Ethiopian. A specialist barrister helped him persuade them otherwise. 

Single mother accused of fraud has student loan revoked: Ruby's story

Ruby, a single mother studying for a law degree in the hope of a better life, was falsely accused of fraud and had her funding withdrawn. It began a three-year long battle to clear her name and challenge the decision.

Pensioner removes illegal shed and is sued for £90,000: Rose's story

When Rose discovered that a developer had built an illegal shed in her garden, she contacted him to request its removal. When he didn't respond, she took it down and he retaliated in a very aggressive way.

Pensioner told he owed £14,000 in overpaid benefits: Daniel's story

When Daniel was notified that he was in debt to his local authority, he was plunged into panic until an Advocate barrister not only challenged the charge but secured him a refund he was not expecting. 

The baby death that shook the UK: The Harry Richford Story

When Harry Richford died after a week, his family fought to expose the failings that led to it. The inquiry that followed led to the first prosecution of an NHS Trust for unsafe clinical care.

The legal case that benefitted 2,000 boat-dwellers: Frank's story

When Frank appealed his housing benefit refusal, the result was a new interpretation of the law that means over 2,000 boat dwellers can get help to cover their licence fees.

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