Applicant stories

Living under the threat of deportation: Ian's story

Ian lived for a decade with the worry of being deported and separated from his family until he decided with the help of an Advocate barrister, to fight for the right to stay with his sick child.

One woman's struggle to be allowed to divorce: Sue's story

Sue's estranged husband plunged her into debt and homelessness and launched malicious civil claims designed to break her and stop her from divorcing him, until Advocate stepped in to help.

The battle to keep her child from being taken abroad: Ava's story

Ava ran away from an abusive husband who then tried to claim that their child should live with him in another country. A volunteer barrister helped her fight to keep her child in the UK.

When every avenue leads to a dead end: Sanath’s story

Sanath was a victim of theft who tried repeatedly through every method he could think of to recover the money that was stolen from him. Eventually he went to court with the help of a volunteer barrister.

Creating a more stable home life: David's Story

David was a victim of domestic abuse who found it difficult to stand up for himself. An Advocate barrister helped him get his son out of social care so they could live together as a family again.

The benefits of access to continued representation: Janet's Story

Janet’s story demonstrates how our volunteer barristers’ continuing help can provide much needed strength and change people’s lives when they are fighting for justice on multiple fronts.