Applicant stories

Military veteran with PTSD wins war pension appeal: Brian's story

When Brian needed help to challenge the amount of his war pension, an Advocate barrister stepped up to argue that his PTSD was the cause of his diabetes, which entitled him to a bigger pension and a life he never thought possible. 

A heartwarming reunion between father and daughter: Abeo's story

Separated from his wife and prevented from seeing his child, Abeo didn't know how to defend himself against false allegations and fight for contact with his daughter, until he found help through Advocate.

When help to settle is the best possible outcome: Tanvir's story

Tanvir was disabled by depression, anxiety and stress. When he lost his job and faced an eight-day employment hearing, an Advocate barrister helped him settle his claim, win £15,000 in compensation and achieve much needed peace of mind.

Living under the threat of deportation: Ian's story

Ian lived for a decade with the worry of being deported and separated from his family until he decided with the help of an Advocate barrister, to fight for the right to stay with his sick child.

One woman's struggle to be allowed to divorce: Sue's story

Sue's estranged husband plunged her into debt and homelessness and launched malicious civil claims designed to break her and stop her from divorcing him, until Advocate stepped in to help.

The battle to keep her child from being taken abroad: Ava's story

Ava ran away from an abusive husband who then tried to claim that their child should live with him in another country. A volunteer barrister helped her fight to keep her child in the UK.