Why did you become an Advocate reviewer? 

I wanted to join a wonderful team of volunteers committed to making justice more accessible to the vulnerable and needy; and to undertake a regular commitment to the essential but difficult task of filtering applications and identifying issues and cases which merit pro bono assistance.

What do you get out of reviewing cases for Advocate? 

A huge sense of fulfilment when I learn that a barrister has taken on a case which I have identified as eligible for assistance

What is the most rewarding thing about doing pro bono work? 

The provision of my assistance in areas where I have experience and expertise to those who most need it but who cannot afford to pay

What advice would you give to any barrister unsure about whether to start doing pro bono work? 

Do not hesitate a moment longer.  Take a case; take a case that might not come to you on a private paying basis; take a case which might look difficult. You can make such a difference to the client, and to the outcome.