Introducing Marianne Alton: Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 2018 and fighter of criminal injustice in Uganda


The annual Bar Pro Bono Awards are the perfect way for us to celebrate the crucial work our pro bono barristers undertake to help the most vulnerable in society. Last year, our Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year was Marianne Alton: a barrister at Lincoln House Chambers in Manchester and a founding trustee member of Evolve – Foundation for International Legal Assistance. She has taken pro bono work international, namely in the criminal justice system of Uganda, assisting hundreds of people on death row.

“To see someone who has been wrongly subjected to a death sentence released and reunited with their family makes the work so worthwhile”

Marianne’s tireless commitment to widen access to justice in Uganda makes her incredibly deserving of this award. She has been instrumental in preventing the death sentence in well over 100 cases, aligning with Evolve’s commitment to promoting fairness, efficiency and integrity within the Ugandan criminal justice system. But Marianne has not stopped there: her next step is turning Evolve’s project into a permanent framework to help the Ugandan people help themselves. Working closely alongside the Ugandan Supreme Court, High Court and Appellate Court, as well as organising a sentencing conference attended by members of the Ugandan judiciary, Marianne is developing a strategy to support Ugandan lawyers in future capital cases. Through this framework, hundreds more lives will inevitably be saved.

“I take weeks out of my diary every year to work on pro bono projects”

The lack of resources and investment in the justice system, both at home and abroad, is what drives Marianne to undertake pro bono work. Each one of the nominees deserves recognition for their incredible dedication to pro bono work, and Marianne is testament to the life-changing impact that pro bono can have for individuals, communities and even entire nations.


Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year 2019 is kindly sponsored by Place Campbell. The winner will be presented with their award by Baroness Hale at the Annual and Young Bar Conference on 23rd November. Nominations are now open: Enter here!