Barristers' stories

Daniel Grütters

Daniel Grütters from One Pump Court won the Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year in 2021 for his extraordinary range of pro bono work. He took his first case on the first day of his second six and has been busy ever since. 

Sarah Abram

Sarah Abram from Brick Court was voted 2021 Junior Pro Bono Barrister of the Year and the Bar Pro Bono Awards. Dedicated to taking on cases from the beginning of her career, she shares her inspiration here.

Tom Foxton

Tom Foxton from Brick Court helps out as a volunteer for CLIPS. He writes about the reasons why he gives up pro bono time and talks about a complicated case he referred to Advocate.

Aaron Rathmell

Aaron Rathmell from Serjeants Inn took a pro bono case to the European Court of Human Rights, successfully representing Dr Rita Pal in her harassment claim against the police for violating her freedom of expression. Read his blog about it.

Sabina Khan

Sabina founded the Women in Gowns (WIGs) project that provides high-level training to female judges and barristers in South Asia on gender-based issues. She also interviewed Mrs Justice Maura McGowan, DBE for Advocate all about pro bono work.

Benjamin Gray

Benjamin Gray is a barrister specialising in employment at Littleton Chambers. As well as working for duty schemes ELAAS and ELIPS, he took on an Advocate case that he nurtured all the way to appeal.

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