What is ProBono35? 

The #ProBono35 campaign encourages barristers to donate £35 to Advocate when renewing their practising certificates through the MyBar portal.

The donations we receive through this process make up  almost 50% of our funding, which is fundamental to our sustained success as a charity.

How do I donate? 

The donation page is just before the checkout on the MyBar portal and it includes the option to give more than £35 if you would like to. Please also complete your address, which means we can claim gift aid from HMRC, making your donation worth an additional 25% to us, at no cost to you. 

Why do barristers contribute to us annually? 

We were set up in 1996 by barristers, for barristers. Lord Goldsmith KC said he founded us to “build on the existing strong and proud tradition of the Bar providing its services free to those who need help and advice”. 

Barristers believe in the ethos of Advocate and its importance in providing access to justice for the most vulnerable.

We cannot be a replacement for a properly funded legally aided system and we do not attempt to try, but often those that turn to us for help have exhausted all other means and are desperate, vulnerable, and in need of support. Hear from those we have helped on how pro bono assistance has changed their lives for the better, and hear from our volunteer barristers about their experiences of volunteering to assist those in need.

Why your donation means so much

We are grateful to the countless barristers who donate their time pro bono.

We are also thankful to those who may not have the time to do pro bono work but can donate to Advocate and support our service through this generous pathway. Many of you do both and we are so incredibly grateful for this kind offering. We simply would not exist without you. 

The demand for our service has grown by 24% in the last six months. We expect the need for our assistance to only grow further in 2024, with the economic conditions taking their toll and more people struggling to navigate our complicated justice system alone.

Your support has real impact. One of our pro bono clients told us: "I would again like to thank you for your personal generosity in assisting me in this very difficult matter which is so important to me. Advocate have given me a significant ray of hope in what has been otherwise a very tough period for me. Thank you all so much for making representation for me possible in this case". 

We understand that the rising cost of living continues to make it tough for many at the Bar, but we encourage those who can, to donate what they can, so we can continue offering a vital lifeline to many.

Join this year's campaign 

If you're on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter), please help us remind everyone else, and show your support with a brief post or tweet. Make it your own by stating "I donate my #ProBono35 to @WeAreAdvocate because...."and inspire others to donate to the Bar’s pro bono charity. Thank you. 

More on #ProBono35

Read the article by our CEO, Rebecca Wilkie, where she highlights why supporting Advocate through our #ProBono35 initiative makes a real difference in improving access to justice for everyone. 

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