Volunteer stories

Ajay Ratan

Ajay Ratan is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers who worked on an Advocate case for a war veteran with PTSD who won his appeal to increase his pension. Read more.

Edward Francis

Edward Francis is a barrister at Enterprise Chambers who relishes making the regular commitment to being an Advocate reviewer. Find out why.

Francesca Quint

Francesca Quint from Radcliffe Chambers is one of Advocate's 250 reviewing barristers. Read about who inspired her to start and why she does it.

Wendy Frempong

Wendy Frempong, barrister at Clerksroom, speaks in an incredibly humble way about the importance of taking a few moments out of life to help others. 

Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper, family barrister from Coram Chambers, talks in detail about the challenges and rewards of taking pro bono cases through Advocate.

Robin Powell

Robin Powell from specialist family set FOURTEEN reflects on how doing pro bono work has helped him at both ends of his distinguished career.  

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