Barristers' stories

Zimran Samuel

Winner of the 2020 Junior Pro Bono barrister of the Year award for his work helping victims of domestic violence in the first lockdown, Zimran Samuel from Doughty Street shares what motivates him.

Malvika Jaganmohan

2020 Young Barrister of the Year nominee, Malvika Jaganmohan from St Ives Chambers talks about the buzz she gets from taking on pro bono cases and why she does it again and again.

Christopher Rowe

Christopher Rowe from Broadway House Chambers made a commitment to doing 100 hours of pro bono for Advocate in 2020, despite it being such a difficult year for barristers. Read about what motivates him.

Anthony Eskander

Anthony Eskander from Church Court Chambers is a true pro bono hero. On return from the US, he focused only on pro bono cases for 18 months before the need to take paid work took over. 

Ajay Ratan

Ajay Ratan is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers who worked on an Advocate case for a war veteran with PTSD who won his appeal to increase his pension. Read more.

Edward Francis

Edward Francis is a barrister at Enterprise Chambers who relishes making the regular commitment to being an Advocate reviewer. Find out why.

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