Barristers' stories

Beyzade Beyzade

Beyzade is Head of Chambers at Chancery Lane Law, an Advocate reviewer and a judge in the employment tribunal. He also volunteers with ELAAS and takes on pro bono cases. A true pro bono hero!

Rahul Varma

Rahul Varma from Selbourne Chambers on how being handed a wet Tesco bag full of documents at an application hearing inspired him to become a volunteer for CLIPS.

Allan Roberts

An employment barrister with Guildhall Chambers in Bristol, Allan discusses the highs and lows of volunteering for the Employment Litigant in Person Support Scheme (ELIPS).

Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones from Blackstone Chambers blogs about the challenges and rewards of volunteering for the Employment Lawyers Appeal Advice Scheme (ELAAS).

Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts from Matrix Chambers writes a blog on why he volunteers for the Employment Litigant in Person Scheme (ELIPS) and how it makes it easy to do pro bono.

Zehrah Hasan

Barrister Zehrah Hasan from Garden Court Chambers writes a blog about how her passion for social activism drives her different and varied pro bono projects.

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