Pro Bono Champions

Chambers across England and Wales appoint an internal representative, or sometimes two, to champion pro bono work. These individuals work closely with us to ensure each Chambers contributes to pro bono in a range of ways.

If your Chambers is not listed below, you do not yet have a Pro Bono Champion. If you are interested in taking on the role, please get in touch at

For more information and ideas for how Pro Bono Champions can incorporate a pro bono ethos in Chambers, you can read our Pro Bono Champions key actions document and our Pro Bono Guide for Chambers Professionals, made in partnership with the IBC and LPMA. Please also ensure that your clerking team has good contacts within the Advocate Casework Team and that you regularly browse the case list in our members' area to search for relevant opportunities. 

We find the role is best carried out by a barrister and a clerk together. Chambers ultimately decides who they think is best to appoint to the role, but you may find that pro bono work is best encouraged by more senior members and senior clerks.

Pro Bono Champions in Chambers 

1 Crown Office Row - Connor Curtin, Clerk

1GC Family Law - Louise Verroken-Jones, Barrister

1 KBW - Andrea Watts, Barrister

11 KBW - Tom Ogg, Barrister and Martin Pownall, Team Leader

11 South Square - Jacqueline Reid, Barrister

12 King's Bench Walk - Elizabeth Boulden, Barrister and Matt Dowdall, Practice Manager

15 Winckley Square - Paul Morecroft, Practice Manager 

2 Bedford Row - Charles Langley, Barrister

2 Temple Gardens - Meghann McTague, Barrister

23 Essex Street - Brad Pomfret, Barrister and Dale Kirby, Clerk

25 Bedford Row - Natasha Lloyd-Owen, Barrister and Alfie Lee, Director of Clerking

29 Bedford Row - Shannon Knight, Barrister

3 Dr Johnson's Buildings - Philip Squire, Barrister

3 Hare Court - Charlotte Pope-Williams, Barrister

3 Raymond Buildings - Ruby Shrimpton, Barrister 

3 Verulam Buildings - Emmanuel Sheppard, Barrister

30 Park Place - Kayleigh Jefferies, Lead Civil & Public Law Clerk and David Hughes, Barrister

33 Bedford Row - Mark Byrne, Senior Clerk

36 Family - Paul Infield, Barrister and Megan Maillardet, Clerk

36 Public - Eric Fripp, Barrister and Phil Silverman, Clerk

39 Essex Chambers - Jennifer Thelan, Barrister and Anthony King, Practice Manager

3PB Barristers - Mariya Peykova, Barrister, Matiss Krumins, Barrister and Katherine Anderson, Barrister

4 Brick Court - Nathan Baylis, Barrister and Jordon King, Practice Assistant

4 New Square - Daniel Saoul KC, Barrister

4 PB - Joanne Brown, Barrister and Amean El Gadhy, Barrister

4 Pump Court - George Woods, Barrister

4 Stone Buildings - Alex Cook KC, Barrister

42 Bedford Row - Charmaine Clubb, Barrister, Jo Porter, Barrister and Sophie Hicks, Marketing Manager

4-5 Gray's Inn Square - Salmaan Hassanally, Barrister and Rosalee Dorfman Mohajer, Barrister

5 Essex Court - Samantha Leek KC, Barrister

5 King's Bench Walk  - William Davis, Barrister

5 Paper Buildings - Dale Jones, Senior Clerk 

5 Pump Court - Clare Kelly, Chambers Director 

5RB - Andrew Love, Senior Clerk and Greg Callus, Barrister

6KBW College Hill - Alex Du Sautoy, Barrister and Adam Payter, Barrister

7 Harrington St - John Kilgallon, Senoir Clerk

7 King's Bench Walk - John Bignall, Barrister

7BR - Rose Harvey-Sullivan, Barrister and Jasmine Leng, Barrister

8 New Square - Isabel Jamal, Barrister

9 Park Place - Michael Hammett, Barrister

9 St John Street - Jennie Ferrario, Barrister and Alex Jones, Clerk

9 Stone Buildings - Martin Young, Barrister

Albion Chambers - Nick Jeanes, Chambers Director

Apex Chambers - Craig Mansfield, Senior Clerk, Harriet Ealden, Barrister and Kristen Murphy, Barrister

Angel Chambers - Marc Baker, Head Clerk and Dominic Boothroyd, Barrister

Atkin Chambers - Edmund Neuberger, Barrister

Atlantic Chambers - Lee Cadwallader, Head Clerk and Emma Rogers, Deputy Head Clerk

Blackstone Chambers - Tom Croxford KC, Barrister

Brick Court Chambers - Paul Bowen KC, Barrister

Broadway House Chambers - Fen Greatley-Hirsch, Barrister

Central Chambers - Rhona Scullion, Barrister

Charterhouse Chambers - Nick Roberts, Chambers Director

Church Court Chambers - Yasin Patel, Barrister

Civitas Chambers - Sandra Harvey, Senior Clerk and Dominic Evans, Barrister

Cloisters - Adam Ohringer, Barrister

Cobden House Chambers - Martin Leech, Director of Clerking and Sophie Kenny, Barrister

Coram Chambers - Dr Bianca Jackson, Barrister 

Cornerstone Barristers - Lisa Busch KC, Barrister

Cornwall Street Barristers - Simon Bradshaw, Barrister and Michael Trevelyan, Barrister

Crown Office Chambers - Andy Flanagan, Senior Clerk

Deans Court Chambers - Sophie Cartwright KC, Barrister and Matt Gibbons, Senior Clerk

Deka Chambers - David Barrow, Joint Deputy Senior Clerk

Dere Street Chambers - Sam Healy, Barrister

Devereux Chambers - Marika Lemos, Barrister and Arin Kalayci, Deputy Practice Manager

Devon Chambers - Rachael Duchnowski, Senior Clerk

Doughty Street Chambers - Peter Carter KC, Barrister

Enterprise Chambers - Edward Francis, Barrister and Fiona Todd, Barrister

Erskine Chambers - Matthew Parfitt, Barrister and Phil Reeves, Senior Clerk

Exchange Chambers - Jess Best, Chambers Administrator

Falcon Chambers - Cecily Crampin, Barrister

Field Court Chambers - Lily Cooke, Barrister and Mark Townsend, Deputy Senior Clerk

Financial Conduct Authority - Rachel Agnew, Employed Barrister

Five St Andrew's Hill - Dean Farlam, Senior Civil and Family Clerk and Maria Scotland, Barrister

Fountain Court Chambers - Oliver Duane, Team Leader

Francis Taylor Building - Meyric Lewis, Barrister

Garden Court North - Annmarie Nightingale, Head of Practice Management 

Gatehouse Chambers - Catherine Piercy KC, Barrister

Goldsmith Chambers - Julia Needham, Barrister

Guildhall Chambers - Charlotte Mallin-Martin, Barrister

Henderson Chambers - Thomas Mallon, Barrister

Iscoed Chambers - Avril Llewellyn, Chambers Director and Ben Blakemore, Barrister

KCH Garden Square - Stuart Walker, Civil & Family Practice Director

Kenworthy's Chambers - Matthew Todd, Barrister and Maria Rushworth, Practice Manager

Kings Chambers - Ruth Stockley KC, Barrister and Mark Ronson, Senior Clerk

Lamb Building - Yaa Dankwa Ampadu-Sackey, Barrister

Lamb Chambers - Hannah Laithwaite, Barrister, Elizabeth Dwomoh, Barrister, and Joe Grimmer, Practice Manager

Landmark Chambers - Richard Bolton, Practice Manager and Justin Bates, Barrister

Libertas Chambers - Darren Snow, Barrister

Lincoln House Chambers - Andrew Thomas KC, Barrister

Linenhall Chambers - Gavin Wright, Chambers Director

Littleton Chambers - Benjamin Gray, Barrister

Magdalen Chambers - Tanya Jones, Barrister and Lewis Jukes, Barrister

Maitland Chambers - Alec McCluskey, Barrister

Matrix Chambers - Hugh Southey KC, Barrister and Nina Russell, Practice Manager

Monckton Chambers - Clíodhna Kelleher, Barrister and Patrick Ball, Assistant Practice Manager 

Mountford Chambers - Vanessa Reid, Barrister

New Bailey Chambers - Laura Anderson, Clerk

New Court Chambers - Laura Harrington, Barrister and Grace Robertson, Barrister

New Park Court Chambers - Rob Wagg, Chief Executive

New Square Chambers - Mark Hubbard, Barrister

No 18 Barristers Chambers- Helen Moizer, Barrister

No5 Chambers - Tony McDaid, Chief Executive and Director of Clerking and Geoff Carr, Director of Clerking (London)

Normanton Chambers - Colm Lyons, Barrister

One Essex Court - Alexander Brown, Barrister, Andrew McLeod, Barrister, Jackie Ginty, Deputy Senior Clerk and Daniele Thripp, Clerk Team Leader

One Pump Court - Priya Solanki, Barrister

Oriel Chambers - Sarah South, Clerk

Outer Temple Chambers - Nicholas Levett, Practice Director

Park Square Barristers - Jonathan Holsgrove, Barrister

Parklane Plowden - Adam Gould, Barrister and Emma Frazer, Assistant Practice Director

QEB Hollis Whiteman - Stacey Hunt, Chambers Manager and Kyan Pucks, Barrister

Quadrant Chambers - Matthew Reeve, Barrister

Queen Elizabeth Building - Catherine Cowton KC, Barrister

Queen Square Chambers - Tom Cole, Senior Civil and Family Clerk

Radcliffe Chambers - Francesca Quint, Barrister and Reuben Comiskey, Barrister

Red Lion Chambers - Genevieve Reed, Barrister

Ropewalk Chambers - Adrian Kelly, Senior Practice Manager, Abigail Scott, Barrister and Jack McCracken, Barrister

Selborne Chambers - Stuart Hornett, Barrister

Serjeants' Inn Chambers - Katie Gollop KC, Barrister

Serle Court - Matthew Morrison, Barrister and Charlie Payne, Practice Manager

South Square - Toby Brown, Barrister

Spire Barristers - Sarah Blackmore, Barrister and Leigh Royall, Senior Clerk 

St Ives Chambers - Malvika Jaganmohan, Barrister

St Johns Buildings - Daniel Currie, Barrister and Samantha Hillas KC, Barrister

St Mary's Family Law - Tim Smith, Practice Director

St Philips Chambers - Joe Wilson, Chambers Director

Tanfield Chambers - Chris Maynard, Barrister and Alex Southern, Clerk

Temple Garden Chambers - Paul McGrath, Barrister

Temple Tax Chambers - Lucy Campbell, Senior Clerk and Ximena Montes Manzano, Barrister

Thomas More Chambers - Sarah Lucy Cooper, Barrister

Three Stone - John McDonnell KC, Barrister

Trinity Chambers - Steve Walker, Lead Civil Clerk and Seth Kitson, Barrister

Twenty Essex - Arron Zitver, Practice Director and Henry Byam-Cook, Barrister

Unit Chambers - Bella Tait, Barrister

XXIV Old Buildings - Timothy Sherwin, Barrister and Lyndon Tiller, Practice Manager