Pro Bono Champions

Chambers across England and Wales appoint an internal representative to champion pro bono work. These individuals work closely with us to ensure each chambers contributes to pro bono in a range of ways.

1 Crown Office Row - Connor Curtin, Clerk

1GC Family Law - Melissa Elsworth, Barrister and Annabel Barrons, Barrister

1 KBW - Andrea Watts, Barrister

11 KBW - Jane McCafferty, Barrister

11 South Square - Jacqueline Reid, Barrister

12 King's Bench Walk - Elizabeth Boulden, Barrister and Jamie Tucker, Practice Manager

2 Bedford Row - Charles Langley, Barrister

2 Temple Gardens - Meghann McTague, Barrister

3 Dr Johnson's Buildings - Philip Squire, Barrister

3 Raymond Buildings - Ruby Shrimpton, Barrister 

3 Verulam Buildings - Anthony Pavlovich, Barrister

33 Bedford Row - Mark Byrne, Senior Clerk

39 Essex Chambers - Jennifer Thelan, Barrister and Anthony King, Assistant Practice Manager

4 New Square - Daniel Saoul QC, Barrister

4 Paper Buildings - Jane Rayson, Barrister

4 Pump Court - George Woods, Barrister

4 Stone Buildings - Alex Cook, Barrister

4-5 Gray's Inn Square - Salmaan Hassanally, Barrister and Rosalee Dorfman Mohajer, Barrister

5 Essex Court - Samantha Leek QC, Barrister

5 King's Bench Walk  - William Davis, Barrister

5 Paper Buildings - Dale Jones, Senior Clerk 

5 Pump Court - Clare Kelly, Chambers Director and Dale Timson, Barrister

5RB - Karen Rock Monnick, Marketing Consultant

6KBW College Hill - Alex Du Sautoy, Barrister and Adam Payter, Barrister

7 King's Bench Walk - John Bignall, Barrister

7BR - Simon Rowbotham, Barrister

8 New Square - Isabel Jamal, Barrister

9 Park Place - Katherine Broadhurst, Barrister

9 St John Street - Jennie Ferrario, Barrister and Julia Lanza, Practice Manager

9 Stone Buildings - Martin Young, Barrister

Albion Chambers - Charley Pattison, Barrister

Atkin Chambers - Emily Morris, Head of Marketing and Edmund Neuberger, Barrister

Blackstone Chambers - Tom Croxford QC, Barrister

Brick Court Chambers - Victoria Wakefield QC, Barrister

Broadway House Chambers - Christopher Rowe, Barrister

Cloisters - Adam Ohringer, Barrister

Cobden House Chambers - Eve Horren, Barrister 

Colleton Chambers - Carla Flexman, Barrister

Coram Chambers - Dr Bianca Jackson, Barrister 

Cornerstone Barristers - Lisa Busch QC, Barrister

Cornwall Street Barristers - Simon Bradshaw, Barrister and Michael Trevelyan, Barrister. 

Crown Office Chambers - Andy Flanagan, Senior Clerk

Deans Court Chambers - Sophie Cartwright, Barrister and Matt Gibbons, Senior Clerk

Dere Street Chambers - Sam Healy, Barrister

Devereux Chambers - Marika Lemos, Barrister

Devon Chambers - Rachel Duchnowski, Senior Clerk

Doughty Street Chambers - Peter Carter QC, Barrister

Enterprise Chambers - Edward Francis, Barrister

Exchange Chambers - Fiona Clancy, Barrister

Falcon Chambers - Cecily Crampin, Barrister

Field Court Chambers - Alex Campbell, Barrister and Mark Townsend, Deputy Senior Clerk. 

Five St Andrew's Hill - Dean Farlam, Senior Civil and Family Clerk and Maria Scotland, Barrister

Fountain Court Chambers - Richard Evans, Team Leader

Francis Taylor Building - Meyric Lewis, Barrister

Garden Court Chambers - Mai-Ling Savage, Barrister

Gatehouse Chambers - Catherine Piercy, Barrister

Goldsmith Chambers - Julia Needham, Barrister

Guildhall Chambers - Sophie Holme, Barrister

Henderson Chambers - Thomas Mallon, Barrister

Keating Chambers - Declan Redmond, CEO/Director of Clerking

Kings Chambers - Mark Ronson, Senior Clerk

Landmark Chambers - Richard Bolton, Practice Manager and Justin Bates, Barrister

Libertas Chambers - Darren Snow, Barrister

Littleton Chambers - Benjamin Gray, Barrister

Maitland Chambers - Alec McCluskey, Barrister

Matrix Chambers - Hugh Southey QC, Barrister and Nina Russell, Practice Manager

Mountford Chambers - Vanessa Reid, Barrister

New Square Chambers - Mark Hubbard, Barrister

No5 Chambers - Tony McDaid, Chief Executive and Director of Clerking and Geoff Carr, Director of Clerking (London)

One Essex Court - Derek Spitz, Barrister

One Pump Court - Priya Solanki, Barrister

Outer Temple Chambers - Nicholas Levett, First Junior Clerk

Park Square Barristers - Kate Wilson, Barrister and Emily Reed, Barrister

Parklane Plowden - Adam Gould, Barrister

QEB Hollis Whiteman - Stacey Hunt, Chambers Manager and Kyan Pucks, Barrister

Quadrant Chambers - Matthew Reeve, Barrister

Queen Elizabeth Building - Catherine Cowton QC, Barrister

Red Lion Chambers - Genevieve Reed, Barrister

Selborne Chambers - Stuart Hornett, Barrister

Serjeants' Inn Chambers - Katie Gollop QC, Barrister

Serle Court - Matthew Morrison, Barrister

South Square - Toby Brown, Barrister and Georgina Peters, Barrister

Spire Barristers - Leigh Royall, Senior Clerk

St Ives Chambers - Malvika Jaganmohan, Barrister

St Johns Buildings - Simon Heaney, Barrister

St Mary's Family Law Chambers - Scott Baldwin, Senior Clerk

St Philips Chambers - Joe Wilson, Director of Clerking

Tanfield Chambers - Chris Maynard, Barrister

Temple Garden Chambers - Paul McGrath, Barrister

Temple Tax Chambers - Ximena Montes Manzano, Barrister and Claire James, Senior Clerk

The 36 Group - Miriam Carrion Benitez, Barrister

Thomas More Chambers - Sarah Lucy Cooper, Barrister

Three Stone - John McDonnell QC, Barrister

Twenty Essex - Arron Zitver, Practice Director and Henry Byam-Cook, Barrister

XXIV Old Buildings - Edward Cumming QC, Barrister and Timothy Sherwin, Barrister