While waiting for her divorce to proceed, Sue's estranged husband forged her signature and took out loans and a mortgage totalling over £7.5 million. Transferring the money beyond her reach, Sue was thrown into crisis, suffering overwhelming debt and homelessness when her property was repossessed. Her husband then tried to delay their divorce proceedings with multiple civil actions designed to break her. With no options or money, Sue and her children had to leave their home, move in with her brother and turned to Advocate for help.

A team of volunteer barristers helped Sue to fight her husband’s intimidatory civil actions, resisting his attempts at delay and forcing him to disclose evidence. This resulted in him withdrawing his claims, leaving her free to pursue her divorce separately. Sue said:

 “I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude… I have found myself in unimaginable circumstances that left my children and me destitute. Without your support and the tremendous help from the barristers, I would have no means of defending myself.”

Sue's barrister said:

“I simply can’t imagine how the applicant could have dealt with her husband without pro bono assistance, and imagine his tactics would have succeeded. Instead he has had to effectively withdraw from the civil arena and has to fight a battle where the merits... are in favour of the applicant.”