Trustee with criminal justice/family law background

Deadline: 24 Apr 2024

Organisation Overview

We are a newly registered charity that will be taking an alternative approach in supporting victims of domestic abuse. The charity will be supporting all victims of domestic abuse – we are all inclusive and our programmes will provide a 360 degrees support service, an integrated support service addressing the victim’s/survivor’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle. This includes working with victims/survivors that have also crossed over into the criminal justice system, for example, lower level offending such as theft to fund substance misuse. We will expect to take referrals from third sector organisations, Police and also self-referrals from family law firms.

Part of our support service will also include an in-house one stop shop that will provide advice to the victims/survivors from housing to financial to legal.

Role Details

Time commitment: Up to 2 hours a month possibly every 2 months to attend Trustee Board meetings.

Attendance: Remote.

Role Description

The volunteer will advise the Board on current legislation both within the criminal justice system and family law, advice on legal aid, advice for victims/survivors that have no access to public funds due to their immigration status.

Required Skills and Experience

Experience required both in defence and prosecution within the criminal justice system, having previously represented defendants and victims – a good understanding on sexual violence, domestic abuse, eg. harassment and stalking, coercive control, drug/alcohol related offences, domestic homicides, child contact within family law.

To apply for or express an interest in this position, please email 

Causes: Children and Youth, Domestic Violence, Education, Employment, Families, LGBTQ+, Health, Homelessness and Housing, Mental Health, Legal Advice and Justice
Roles: Trusteeships and Governance
The Believe Foundation
Local organisation based in Kingston KT3 3RX

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