Deadline: 31 Jul 2024

Organisation Overview

As the largest social mobility charity in the UK, we are committed to delivering high-quality and impactful interventions for state-educated students that will transform lives while also using our influence to champion social mobility and improve diversity in the workplace.

Role Details

Attendance: Our talks are always during a school day at either 10am or 2pm and they run for an hour max. We will also need to run a test call a week or so before the career talk, usually takes 20 – 30mins.

Attendance: It will be a virtual talk so remote locations work. 

Role Description

Our vision for our speakers is that they share insight and shed light on the behind the scenes of different industries, they are educational and inspiring sessions to demystify sectors that young people might not have grasped yet.

The role as speaker is flexible as you can split the hour session into a presentation (have time to share your journey, career advice etc..) or it could run as a pre-planned interview with questions from the host. After either of these options, the session will then run as a live Q&A from students/educators watching. These questions will be moderated and be given to the speaker to answer when filtered through.

Required Skills and Experience

Any work experience or career journey so far to share is paramount. A specific field within a sector can also be very handy but these talks can be general e.g. a talk about the skills and qualities needed to start a career in the sector, routes in, including apprenticeships/university/work experience, what the future of the sector might look like and how young people can find out more.

To apply for or express an interest in this position, please email bicenquiries@weareadvocate.org.uk 

Causes: Children and Youth, Education
Roles: Training and Mentoring
Speakers for Schools
National organisation based in London SE1 0HS

Opportunities are listed at our discretion and in line with our values. We do not vet organisations and we encourage volunteers to satisfy themselves of the status and objectives of any organisation they choose to apply to work with.