As a judge, what difference does it make to you to have a LiP represented, even if only at the last minute or for one hearing?

It makes all the difference in the world. It is so helpful to be given a clear picture of what the matter is about and even just the bare bones of submissions. It is invaluable.

Why should barristers undertake pro bono? How will it advantage them?

It goes without saying that pro bono work is enormously beneficial to the individual litigant concerned, the judge, the judicial system and the rule of law itself. Barristers who do pro bono work are really maintaining the structure of a free and democratic society. It is that important. What is the advantage to them? I hope they feel the importance of their contribution as well as having the opportunity to appear in different matters and before different courts than might otherwise be the case. 

Did you undertake pro bono earlier in your career and how did it benefit you?

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t. It was only just gaining a head of steam when I was at the Bar.  

Please tell me about a memorable pro bono experience (either work that you undertook or that was undertaken in front of you).

There have been numerous occasions in the Court of Appeal when the appellant has been represented pro bono and the appeal has been won. It would have been incredibly hard to have extracted the relevant strands of the case without representation.