Office volunteering

We have casework volunteers in the office every day. As part of our Academic Year Programme, our volunteers commit to one day a week for four months. We also have a Summer Casework Volunteer programme, which lasts for one month between June and August and is a commitment of four days a week. 

Our volunteers are the first point of contact for Advocate applicants, answering the phones and talking directly to the people who use our service. They are also responsible for preparing case summaries for our reviewing barristers.

Many of our volunteers are studying law, and often go on to begin a career at Advocate or use the experience to secure a pupillage. Volunteering as part of our team can be a rewarding, valuable and informative experience because:

  • You will have the opportunity to be exposed to all areas of law.
  • As the first point of contact for our applicants, you will gain first-hand experience of working with vulnerable people, summarising applications and cases, providing administrative support, making calls to chambers and handling case papers.
  • We work closely with the Bar, and you will gain a strong understanding of the workings of the Bar as a profession.

"All the staff have been so welcoming and I have made such wonderful professional working relationships which I will treasure. I would highly recommend volunteering with Advocate for anyone wishing to pursue a legal career and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a friendly and supportive team!”

Emma Llanwarne Law Student, NALP L3 Paralegal and Casework Volunteer
for Advocate Feb – June 2019


We run three Casework Volunteer Programmes a year:

  • Academic Year 1: one day a week from October to February. Recruitment opens in August.
  • Academic Year 2: one day a week from February to June. Recruitment opens in November.
  • Summer Volunteering: four days a week for one month in either June, July, August or September. Recruitment opens in March.


When recruitment opens, find all the information on how to apply here.


  • Volunteering takes place over zoom while we all work remotely, with regular training sessions and catch-ups with an assigned caseworker.


  • Advocate is not currently providing expenses but will do when we are all back in the office. We cover a proportion of your travel expenses each week and up to £5 each day for incidental expenses such as lunch. 


  • Advocate will provide references for future placements or employment for volunteers who fulfil 85% attendance for the duration of their assignment.