Team Mentor for the Young Citizens Bar Mock Trials 2024/25 Competition

Deadline: 10 Aug 2024

Organisation Overview

Young Citizens is a citizenship education charity that informs, equips and inspires children and young people across the UK to be active citizens. We support educators in offering citizenship education for their students as part of the curriculum and with extra-curricular programmes such as mock trials and legal, economic and media workshops.

As well as offering these immersive learning experiences, we have an extensive library of teaching resources on topics such as democracy, politics, the law, social action and climate change to help build citizenship skills in children and young people. We also work with institutional partners nationally and internationally to strengthen civic engagement and education.

Role Details

Time commitment: It is up to the volunteer how much time they choose to dedicate to mentoring the student team; we just ask for a minimum of one hour’s interaction. Days are also flexible but would be restricted to school hours or a session/sessions after school (around 4pm for most secondary schools); the school and mentor can liaise on this.

Attendance: It is up to your discretion whether the interaction(s) will take place online via platforms such as Zoom, or in person, or a mixture of both.

Role Description

Schools participating in the Bar Mock Trials competition are provided with resources, including two fictitious cases, to present at the Bar Mock Trials Regional Heats that take place in November/December. In their teams, students take on various roles, e.g. prosecution and defence barristers, witnesses, court clerk and court usher, preparing to go head-to-head with other schools.

Team mentors support these student mock trials teams throughout the preparation process by observing and giving feedback on their speeches, advocacy style and general etiquette, without fully coaching them on how to present every aspect of their case.

Required Skills and Experience

A knowledge of the criminal justice system is welcome, as well as an ability to give clear advice but also to listen and to allow students to take the lead where possible.

Giving constructive criticism in a positive manner (what went well, even better if...) is helpful, as is an ability to manage different communication styles, for example, drawing out the quieter members of the group.

Some things you might be asked to talk about: explaining the basics of the court process; answering student and teacher questions about the law; providing advice and feedback after observing students in their roles.

The role of Team Mentor is open to barristers but also to other legal professionals. Whilst it is not a prerequisite to have worked with young people previously, it will be important to understand issues such as safeguarding.

All mentors will be provided with comprehensive online training prior to starting the role, which will include all the information needed for working with young people. Teachers will always be present to support.

To apply for or express an interest in this position, please email 

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