The Advocate team is delighted to announce that, despite the unprecedented challenges faced by barristers in 2020, we have placed 1,000 pieces of work so far this year. We are overwhelmed with gratitude to our volunteer barristers for their loyalty and dedication to providing access to justice for our applicants.  

Rebecca Wilkie, Advocate’s new CEO expressed everyone’s feelings when she said: “This is a truly incredible achievement on the part of members of the Bar and Advocate’s caseworkers. We are being contacted by more vulnerable applicants than ever and to know that we have such huge a level of support motivates us to keep focused on our mission – finding the best legal assistance we can for those most in need.”

We also shared the good news with chair of the Bar, Amanda Pinto QC, who said: “Congratulations to Advocate on helping 1,000 vulnerable people get free legal representation from volunteer barristers in 2020! For barristers struggling to make a living during Covid-19 that is an extraordinary achievement and commitment to justice which we applaud. Thank you for giving your time and expertise to give access to justice to those who have no one to turn to. Demand has never been higher so I encourage everyone to sign up to help.”

Sir Robin Knowles CBE, Chair of Advocate and champion of pro bono added: “A thousand times so far this year barristers have acted for members of the public who needed help but could not afford to pay. Barristers face losing their own livelihood in the pandemic, yet they are still determined to be there for those who are vulnerable. The profession, and the staff at Advocate, deserve our respect and our thanks.”