What is ProBono30?

#ProBono30 encourages barristers to donate £30 to Advocate, the new name for the Bar Pro Bono Unit, when you renew your practising certificate via the Bar Council's MyBar portal.

How do I donate?

You don’t have to do anything! The £30 donation box is pre-ticked. If you want to give more than £30 you can, and you can also complete your tax address so we can claim gift aid from HMRC, making your donation worth an additional 25%.

Why do barristers contribute to us annually?

We were set up in 1996 by you: barristers. Lord Goldsmith QC said he founded us to “build on the existing strong and proud tradition of the Bar providing its services free to those who need help and advice”

Barristers have told us they believe in the ethos of the charity, it doesn’t cost much to donate £30 and they believe in access to justice.

Why do we ask you to donate as well as volunteer?

We are your charity and you know us best. You know what we do, how we do it and we ask you for only £30 to help us deliver the best service possible to those in need as well as to get better at supporting you.

Your support has a real impact.

“I am so very grateful for the existence of your charity: you are all true saints and I am determined never to forget your timely help when all seemed lost. It is such a lonely place being in a legal battle: just knowing I had someone I could turn to for advice was a massive thing for me.” – previous applicant

What does it mean for Advocate?

When you join together with your peers to donate £30 each, you contribute 40% of our running costs. Many people don’t know that a £30 donation could amount to so much. This simple donation from the Bar adds up to fund seven Caseworkers. Without it we simply could not get people the access to justice they need.

What could £30 buy you in legal London?

  • 10% of a barrister’s wig
  • 20% of a barrister’s gown
  • 5% of the White Book
  • 15 cups of tea
  • Lunch for two from Natural Kitchen

Or you could help people in need achieve access to justice.

Join this year's campaign

As the number of individuals applying to Advocate for legal assistance continues to increase, we ask you to remember this chance you have to help people in need get access to justice, and to donate your #ProBono30 when you renew your practising certificate.


If you're on Twitter, help us remind everyone else, and show your colours with a tweet: 

I donated my #ProBono30 this year! Support #accesstojustice and donate your #ProBono30 to @weareadvocate