Dale Timpson, 5 Pump Court

Dale represented our applicant in a complicated Court of Appeal case in the Civil Division. Afterwards, the applicant wrote to us to say:

"Words really are unable to express my relief, gratitude and feelings from the initial appointment of Dale, who right from the outset worked tirelessly to work with me and likewise advise me from start to finish, ensuring every matter and point however small was explored and no stone left unturned...   

I have throughout my involvement with the case over some years worked as a litigant in person, so you can imagine my relief and obvious boost of confidence when I was advised of the appointment of Dale.

...a total credit to the legal system but with a human caring side throughout.”

Thank you, Dale for ensuring our applicant didn’t have to go through the legal system alone.

Rebecca Sheldon, Old Square Tax Chambers

We would also like to thank Rebecca Sheldon for her time and expertise in assisting our applicant to achieve a very successful outcome:    

The applicant wrote: 

“I would also like to say that Rebecca Sheldon was amazing in every respect, her professionalism, her knowledge and experience and her support throughout the whole process.

I have no doubt that without her representation of my case at the Court, the defendant’s counterclaim would have been successful...  I still cannot quite believe that the whole nightmare of the last two and a half years has gone away!”

Thank you, Rebecca for providing access to justice. 

Jack Harrison, Deans Court Chambers

Jack Harrison worked on a family (child) case for Advocate case from April to October 2020. A fact-finding hearing in August, held at Jack’s insistence, resulted in the judgment exonerating the applicant from any wrong doing. 

Jack said:

“I cannot think of a case which typifies the importance of legal representation more, and how necessary and important Advocate is to people like our client.” 

Thank you, Jack for taking the time to help someone who cannot afford legal representation.