We are pleased to highlight the new Guide to pro bono for Employed Barristers.

Click here to download the guide.

This guide was produced in partnership with the Bar Council, the Bar Association for Commercial, Finance & Industry, the Free Representation Unit, the In House Pro Bono Group, the Government Legal Department and Advocate.

The Guide explains how employed barristers with practicing certificates can undertake pro bono, and the key practical factors to consider when doing so. It provides answers to common questions around insurance and conflict checks.  

Employed barristers can engage in pro bono work through a variety of channels, be it through a scheme provided by their employer, providing free legal advice at a legal advice centre, volunteering with the Free Representation Unit, or taking on pro bono cases directly through Advocate.

The benefits to employed barristers taking on pro bono are wide-ranging. Not only is it hugely personally rewarding, but it is also a great chance to enhance your expertise and develop your experience in a new area of practice. It also holds unique benefits for employers, which are detailed further in the Guide.

We hope this guide is a useful resource and we look forward to working with you.

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