After many years serving on Advocate’s board of trustees, Philip Brook Smith QC, Andrew Hillier QC and Nick Hanning are stepping down as trustees. It is with immense gratitude that we look back over their time on the board, during which each of them has made an outstanding contribution to Advocate and helping us facilitate the Bar’s pro bono contribution. They have led Advocate very generously, giving well beyond what was required.

We are particularly thankful to Philip and Andrew for their time as our Lead Reviewers. Over the years they have each reviewed at least four files every month, as well as offering their support to our 150 reviewing barristers. The care and attention which they have given to ensuring that barristers’ valuable time is protected as well as ensuring that those who are deserving get access to justice should be highly commended. Despite stepping down as trustees, they will continue to help us shape this important aspect of our work.

Nick Hanning joined the Board as a former President of CILEX, a branch of the profession with which Advocate has been proud to work as with the Solicitors branch of the profession. In addition his vast experience of good employment practice and of management, as well as of the work of tribunals and experience of unrepresented litigants in the courts, has helped Advocate steer a sensible and appropriate course over the years of his involvement.

We hope you will join us in celebrating their contribution.

Sir Robin Knowles CBE