Why do we ask barristers to contribute to us annually?


Shortly before Christmas, the Bar Pro Bono Unit received an urgent application from a vulnerable woman at risk of deportation and unable to afford representation. Having been in the UK for many years caring for her sick sister, she subsequently fell ill herself with a stroke followed by a cancer diagnosis. She was due in court in six days. Her case was reviewed within one day by a senior barrister and taken on the next day on a pro bono basis. By the date of the hearing, her health had deteriorated rapidly and she was on dialysis 4 times a day. Her pro bono barrister saved the client the serious discomfort of attending court and successfully convinced the judge that this was a case of exceptional humanitarian need. The woman was given indefinite leave to remain and spent Christmas with her family.


What does it mean for the Unit?

You can support the Unit to help people with worthy cases across all areas of law through a £30 when you renew your practising certificate via the Bar Council's MyBar portal. Join together with more than 50% of the profession to enable the Bar Pro Bono Unit to match as many eligible cases as possible with volunteer barristers. This simple donation represents half of the Unit’s total funding and without it, the Unit simply couldn’t carry on.


This year for the first time you can choose to give more than £30, and UK taxpayers can make a gift aid declaration at the time of donation, increasing their contribution by 25% in tax which the Unit can reclaim from HMRC.


What could £30 buy you in legal London?

  • 10% of a barrister’s wig
  • 20% of a barrister’s gown
  • 5% of the White Book
  • 13 Flat Whites from Pret
  • One lunch from Natural Kitchen


Or you could contribute to the Unit’s work and help people in need achieve access to justice.


Join this year's campaign

As the number of individuals applying to the Unit for legal assistance continues to increase, we ask you to remember the vital work we do and to donate your #ProBono30 when you renew your practising certificate.


Take the opportunity to show your support publicly this year as well, with a #ProBono30 Twibbon on Twitter.