Pledge your pro bono hours today, sign up here! #ProBonoPledge 

We are excited to announce our new initiative for 2023, the Pro Bono Pledge. We are encouraging barristers to pledge 25 hours of pro bono work in one calendar year.

Please make the Pro Bono Pledge your New Year’s Resolution in 2023. You hold the key: without your pledge of the hours you can manage, people in real need will go without the help the law can bring or the defence the law provides.” - The Hon. Mr. Justice Robin Knowles CBE

Building pro bono work into your practice could advance your skills, allow you to work on more challenging cases, and build your advocacy experience. 

Barristers, can you pledge 25 hours of pro bono work?

As Justice Knowles CBE highlights, it also affords barristers the opportunity to help those navigating the justice system alone and secure equal access to justice for all.

Hear from our CEO, Rebecca Wilkie, on how & why to get involved in the Pro Bono Pledge...

There is also an initiative for pupils, the #PupilPledge, encouraging pupils to pledge one piece of pro bono work in their second six.

Pupils, can you pledge one piece of pro bono work?

On completion, you will be sent a celebratory #ProBonoPledge or #PupilPledge logo for your email signature and chambers profile.

The pro bono work can be done through any scheme or pro bono pathway, not just through Advocate, throughout 2023.

Pledge to make pro bono part of your 2023 practice today.